Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Last week

This past week the McBaby and I have mainly been:

-Checking out new playgroups

-Continuing the clear out! Another boot sale should do it!

-incredibly interactive with other babies. I swear that they can understand each other. When the McBaby literally reached out to another baby and the two of them held hands and cooed at each other, I may (may!) have cried a bit.

-rubbing cream all over the baby so that people have been commenting that his head looks much better.

-been kicking myself for not making the most of two opportunities that came my way. Kick, kick, kick.

-sitting in the garden enjoying the good weather and occasionally jumping up to weed or paint something before giving halfway and sitting down again. The lawn is much taller than the McBaby.

-disappointed in a couple of friends. I don't make friends easily, so when I trust people enough for them to be my friend, I am loyal and reliable. A couple of people haven't responded in kind, so I have pulled off the ultimate punishment - facebook defriendment! It feels good to declutter on there - highly recommended!

-doing freelance work! So refreshing to be talking to adults again!

-deleting our selling accounts on eBay and amazon. The postage is against us and dealing with idiots is just too time-consuming and sould destroying. Which leads me nicely onto my last point

-weeping whenever I speak to West Berkshire Council's parking department. I used to think their job was to ensure parking was administered fairly in the district. I know realise their job is too make it is difficult as possible to park outside your house if you are a law abiding taxpayer and have a pushchair and a heavy baby to lug in.

-eating too much cake. People say you put on weight when you have a baby. This is nothing to do with childbirth; it's because you eat so much cake at playgroups and coffee mornings. Burp!

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