Thursday, 3 May 2012

Jabs - part three

Jabs again already! Month four, so the poor McBaby had to have three injections this morning. I hate these, as most mothers do. He cried three times, as expected. But after a couple of seconds, he produced a beautiful smile for the nurse. I don't think I would have done if she'd just stuck a needle in my thighs three times!

Since I am not a fan of visiting the surgery, a point proved when one of the receptionists was unnecessarily sarcastic about not being able to find the McBaby on the system, we also saw the GP to see if he could do anything about the McBaby's itchy scalp. He's driving himself mad and scratching his head to the point where it bleeds. Normally I put a hat on him, but since we were going to the doctor's, I thought I would let the air get to his head.

This led to a woman in the waiting room pointing out a scratch on his head to everyone at the top of her voice as if I had done it or as if I were unaware. I am always disappointed when I expect people to be discreet, but to have someone be so tactless in a GP surgery was a new one on me.

ANyway, the GP has prescribed antihistamines for the McBaby which somehow I can't bring myself to get from the pharmacy. I know I asked for help so it seems silly to refuse it, but the McBaby is such an alert little man that I don't want to give him medication that will make him drowsy.

Of course, I opted for the inappropriate joke ("But he won't be able to drink alcohol!") rather than voicing my concern or saying that I'd hoped to be given some cream or a referral to a skin specialist, but I think the GP is now wise to my silly sense of humour and made us an appointment to see another doctor at the same surgery who is a skin expert and is set to take a look at the McScalp.

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