Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Baby-led weaning

Just come back from a visit to the health visitor who weighed the McBaby (he's just under 20lbs) and gave me some advice about baby-led weaning as I'd mentioned that I'd been giving him some real food and that he'd been scaring me by gagging on it.

She said to keep trying. But what she didn't mention was that her colleague was just about to give a talk weaning. It just so happened that we went to the Wednesday playgroup and someone happened to ask if we were staying for the talk, so we hung around, uninvited.

The talk was very useful, comprising a DVD and then the health visitor (who was the spitting image of my lovely friend Badger) answered questions. It seems very strange to me that you would give a baby (with no teeth) a parsnip and then leave them to get on with it, but it seems to work and it gives them the scope to explore texture and flavour. Just no nuts, honey or shellfish in the first year.

One of the mums and I then retired to the park with a sandwich in a seemingly peaceful spot. There was a reason that the crowded park was empty in this one place. A group of chavs to our left decided to spur one of their number to run around the park with his dog screaming "F***ing friend". (I believe it's from the Inbetweeners ).

He ran within inches of the McBaby and I several times, prompting someone to shout "Keep your dog away from babies!" across the park. To which he barked "friend" at them repeatedly. The sunshine seems to do weird things to us Brits.

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