Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Austerity motherhood

Last week, I saw a woman putting a BRAND NEW IRON into the tip. If you can afford to do this, you have too much money. But aside from that, what a waste of resources! It got me to thinking about how leading a greener lifestyle can also be good on the pocket, so I thought I would compile a list of day-to-day things I do that are green and moneysaving.

1. Walk whenever possible! I never use the car for a journey that can be walked. And when I do drive, I use the cruise control and try to drive as economically as possible. Again, if you tailgate, slam on the brakes, tailgate, slam on the brakes - you have too much money to spend on fuel!! I also reverse into parking spaces (because the engine is already hot and it's easier than backing out when your engine is cold - apparently.) I learned that with the http://www.iam.org.uk/ whose membership also saves me money on car insurance.

2. When we're at home, the McBaby uses reusable nappies. He has just grown a size, so look out for my ad in the NWN for his last set!

3. Freecycle or eBay for baby clothes. The McBaby seems to be growing before my eyes. I bought him a sunflower the other day so that he can compete with it to see who gets to 6ft first! There's just no point spending lots of money on new clothes he'll wear once!

4. I cook more than we need and freeze anything we don't eat for another day. I also ensure several things are cooking at once. We had someone over for lunch today, so while I cooked some salmon, I also made a cake (made out of semolina instead of flour as I mistakenly bought about 70 bags of semolina as I thought it was pasta!). We never, ever, ever throw away food in this house. Never.

5. I reuse paper, junk mail - even envelopes.

6. We grow our own veg. Let me rephrase that: We TRY to grow our own veg!

7. I never use plastic bags. It amazes me when people use bags and throw them away. What a waste of resources, including, crucially, oil. These are usually the same people who complain about the price of petrol! I take my own reusable bags and ask for "green" points at the checkout. Likewise, if we have the misfortune of going to that supermarket with blue and white stripes, I recycle our cans there for the "green" points.

8. We don't shop hungry. Or we use Approved Foods www.approvedfood.co.uk which is an amazing online resource.

9. I make packed lunches for MrM. Apparently this creates a saving of £960 on average per year.

10. I use FB to contact family and friends overseas.

11. I always round down my bank account. So if there's £48.98 in there, I'll put £8.98 into savings. Weird, but it works. And you csn tell at a glance if money is going in and out.

12. I am too stingy to include a 12th.

What are your moneysaving tips?

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