Monday, 23 April 2012

Where is 2012 going?

How can it POSSIBLY be May next week? Where has this year gone, and what have I been doing? I honestly can't name one productive thing I've done in 2012. I've also been missing for the last week or so much to the chagrin of the blog world. Just kidding! I've mostly been: 1. Taking the McBaby to classes. His favourite so far is "Music with mummy" which he L-O-V-E-S. He is always a smiler, but he beamed from ear to ear throughout the whole half hour session. I always say that music is the closest thing we have to magic on this planet, and the McBaby really loves everything from classical music to what I'm listening to now. Which is Here comes the war by New Model Army! 2. PLanting vegetables. Thanks to the hail, or my lack of green fingered skills, they've all died. All of them. 3. COntinuing the declutter. We are selling everything and the house is looking better. Even our bed went the other day to a very happy man who collected it from Brighton which makes that a 200mile round trip. 4. Wondering how on earth I am going to hand the McBaby over for someone else to look after when I go back to work. Such is my difficulty with this that I've been scared into inactio. I haven't even found him a childminder or nursery. 5. Breaking things. The pushchair has lost a wheel. The washing machine is about to die. The toaster is kaput and the fridge is on its way out. MrM and I have a book open on what is going to go first. Also, today is World Book NIght and I am giving away copies of "SOmeone like you" by Roald Dahl. PLease leave me a twitter handle below or way of getting in touch if you'd like one! Have a great week!

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