Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mum's list of baby names

The clearout continues at the McTowers and yesterday I found a list of baby names that my mum had suggested. Some are great. Some are not. The funny thing is I am not sure whether his name suits him and whether it takes a while to get used to it.

Are you happy with your choices of baby names?


  1. Interesting, I had my list in my phone and was gutted when I lost it!

    I love the name we chose for Princess but she hates it! She's only 3 but tells us daily that she doesn't like it and that 'next time she is born' we should name her something else lol!

    I'm sure he'll grow into the name you chose!

  2. I think it takes ages before a name seems to fit...I felt it especially with David, baby number one. I krept looking at him and saying the name over and over!! xx
    p.s does name number 4 on the left column say 'Cranky'?? ;)

  3. I keep forgetting that Princess' name isn't actually Princess!! She is such a character - I love that she is telling you she wouldn't choose that name next time she's born and asking for a sibling! I imagine she'll be the one who chooses the name for him/her!

    Jane - think it says "Charley" but Cranky is probably more appropriate! I think I'm finally getting used to the baby's name -am sure it will "fit" eventually!