Monday, 2 April 2012

Boot sale

Is there anything finer than waking up on a beautiful summer's day and crossing the road outside your house to the boot sale that is almost literally on your doorstep?

I may have called this blog "Unprepared mum", but that was because I was in shock. McFrugal Mum may have been a better choice. I love boot sales ever since they were invented in 1992.* Years ago, people used to go to church on a Sunday morning. Then they went to their local cathedral, called a shopping centre to celebrate the religion of shopping. Now it's all about the boot sale. We have a huge one at Newbury Racecourse that appeared a few years ago, becoming so successful so quickly that it usurped the Thatcham Lower Way one as local car boot sale of choice.

I do need a good clear out, but opted today to buy instead of sell. Today was the first sale after the winter break and there were more sellers than I have ever seen in one field before. The funny thing was that I arranged to meet my friend there and she said she couldn't find anything interesting. She was there for 10 minutes! I hadn't even got started at that point! Perhaps that's because the brand new baby means that I now have a great excuse to buy things for me and pretend they're for him.

So this is what I bought today for less than a tenner:

1 brand new shirt for MrM

A pile of Funnybones books for McBaby.

A pile of Famous Five books

Emil and the Detectives (the lovely woman who was selling this said I could have it as I displayed such a passion for reading to the baby! Thank you!)

Babygros and t-shirts that might actually fit the McBaby!

2 Jennings books. I love Jennings - it's like Harry Potter without the magic but with 100 times more laughs!

A pile of "That's not my..." books - robots, cars, trains.

Henry Cecil's "Brothers in law" - I loved the film -can't wait to read the book!

Three swimming suits for McBaby and a floating ring.

*I may have made that date up.

What's your best car boot sale buy?

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