Monday, 16 April 2012

Back in the saddle

Good morning! A pint of the usual please.

Where have I been? Nowhere really. It's just amazing how doing nothing can be so time-consuming!

In the last couple of weeks, I have mostly been:

1. Stopping the McBaby from scratching his head.

2. Baking. Trying to practise being a proper mother type.

3. Taking DS to various classes and coffee mornings.

4. Decluttering. Via ebay (can't believe some of the things that have sold. Kerching!), charity shops and the forthcoming Alzheimer's Society coffee morning in Newbury on 3rd May at St Nicolas Church Hall. (Sorry for the plug - the Alz Soc is a cause very close to my heart).

5. Drinking tea.

6. Saying "I can't believe how heavy you are".

7. Thinking about what childcare is available for when I go back to work very soon. Time flies, but the last few months have been supersonic.

8. Waiting for the McBaby's passport so we can go on holiday.

9. Groaning with pain every time I bend over. I did have a back massage but I couldn't find anyone to look after the McBaby (people will babysit for certain things, but self-indulgence is not one), so he had to come with me, thereby negating the relaxation benefits of said massage.

And 10 introducing my weekly MOnday video, planting fruit and veg in the garden:

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