Sunday, 29 April 2012


Just a quick post to thank the McBaby for being sick in my ear...quite the most visceral experience I've had for a while.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Porridge for sir?

I was reading the above book in a cafe the other day when the waitress came over. She put down my drink and gently said: "You know there are other options for weaning your baby?" I laughed and said that I was only reading up on all the alternatives before deciding what to do. She seemed relieved and said that the author above was "terrifying". So this morning, after a night of almost constantly feeding my growing little glutton, I started him on the baby porridge. Unfortunately my camera is lost (most likely at the bottom of the nappy bag) so you'll have to take my word for the variety of hilarious faces pulled by the baby (and me too). We managed not to make too much mess and are going to try a bit of "baby led weaning" later this week. ANy tips on feeding babies are most welcome! Now I must go and change this nappy - who knows what we'll find in there. Wish me luck!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Where is 2012 going?

How can it POSSIBLY be May next week? Where has this year gone, and what have I been doing? I honestly can't name one productive thing I've done in 2012. I've also been missing for the last week or so much to the chagrin of the blog world. Just kidding! I've mostly been: 1. Taking the McBaby to classes. His favourite so far is "Music with mummy" which he L-O-V-E-S. He is always a smiler, but he beamed from ear to ear throughout the whole half hour session. I always say that music is the closest thing we have to magic on this planet, and the McBaby really loves everything from classical music to what I'm listening to now. Which is Here comes the war by New Model Army! 2. PLanting vegetables. Thanks to the hail, or my lack of green fingered skills, they've all died. All of them. 3. COntinuing the declutter. We are selling everything and the house is looking better. Even our bed went the other day to a very happy man who collected it from Brighton which makes that a 200mile round trip. 4. Wondering how on earth I am going to hand the McBaby over for someone else to look after when I go back to work. Such is my difficulty with this that I've been scared into inactio. I haven't even found him a childminder or nursery. 5. Breaking things. The pushchair has lost a wheel. The washing machine is about to die. The toaster is kaput and the fridge is on its way out. MrM and I have a book open on what is going to go first. Also, today is World Book NIght and I am giving away copies of "SOmeone like you" by Roald Dahl. PLease leave me a twitter handle below or way of getting in touch if you'd like one! Have a great week!

Monday, 16 April 2012


MrM no longer has "charisma".

I refer, of course, to his (t)rusty car that was scrapped last week. Not really surprising, but it saw some happy moments. One of them was that the McBaby came home from the hospital for the first time in the back of this car. Sad to see it go.

Our choice of old jalopies really made me laugh today as MrM went in our equally (t)rusty camper van to collect the cheque from the scrap merchant for Carisma. He told me that he parked miles away and walked to the office to get his money lest they should accidentally scrap the van too.....

Back in the saddle

Good morning! A pint of the usual please.

Where have I been? Nowhere really. It's just amazing how doing nothing can be so time-consuming!

In the last couple of weeks, I have mostly been:

1. Stopping the McBaby from scratching his head.

2. Baking. Trying to practise being a proper mother type.

3. Taking DS to various classes and coffee mornings.

4. Decluttering. Via ebay (can't believe some of the things that have sold. Kerching!), charity shops and the forthcoming Alzheimer's Society coffee morning in Newbury on 3rd May at St Nicolas Church Hall. (Sorry for the plug - the Alz Soc is a cause very close to my heart).

5. Drinking tea.

6. Saying "I can't believe how heavy you are".

7. Thinking about what childcare is available for when I go back to work very soon. Time flies, but the last few months have been supersonic.

8. Waiting for the McBaby's passport so we can go on holiday.

9. Groaning with pain every time I bend over. I did have a back massage but I couldn't find anyone to look after the McBaby (people will babysit for certain things, but self-indulgence is not one), so he had to come with me, thereby negating the relaxation benefits of said massage.

And 10 introducing my weekly MOnday video, planting fruit and veg in the garden:

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mum's list of baby names

The clearout continues at the McTowers and yesterday I found a list of baby names that my mum had suggested. Some are great. Some are not. The funny thing is I am not sure whether his name suits him and whether it takes a while to get used to it.

Are you happy with your choices of baby names?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Boot sale

Is there anything finer than waking up on a beautiful summer's day and crossing the road outside your house to the boot sale that is almost literally on your doorstep?

I may have called this blog "Unprepared mum", but that was because I was in shock. McFrugal Mum may have been a better choice. I love boot sales ever since they were invented in 1992.* Years ago, people used to go to church on a Sunday morning. Then they went to their local cathedral, called a shopping centre to celebrate the religion of shopping. Now it's all about the boot sale. We have a huge one at Newbury Racecourse that appeared a few years ago, becoming so successful so quickly that it usurped the Thatcham Lower Way one as local car boot sale of choice.

I do need a good clear out, but opted today to buy instead of sell. Today was the first sale after the winter break and there were more sellers than I have ever seen in one field before. The funny thing was that I arranged to meet my friend there and she said she couldn't find anything interesting. She was there for 10 minutes! I hadn't even got started at that point! Perhaps that's because the brand new baby means that I now have a great excuse to buy things for me and pretend they're for him.

So this is what I bought today for less than a tenner:

1 brand new shirt for MrM

A pile of Funnybones books for McBaby.

A pile of Famous Five books

Emil and the Detectives (the lovely woman who was selling this said I could have it as I displayed such a passion for reading to the baby! Thank you!)

Babygros and t-shirts that might actually fit the McBaby!

2 Jennings books. I love Jennings - it's like Harry Potter without the magic but with 100 times more laughs!

A pile of "That's not my..." books - robots, cars, trains.

Henry Cecil's "Brothers in law" - I loved the film -can't wait to read the book!

Three swimming suits for McBaby and a floating ring.

*I may have made that date up.

What's your best car boot sale buy?