Monday, 19 March 2012


My beautiful little boy is 3 months old today and I find out from him whether I passed the probationary motherhood period later today.

WHile I wait for the results, here is a list of commonly used phrases in our house:

"You can't be hungry again already!"

"He's been like that since he was born" (I must stop doing this - I say it when people tell me how alert he is).

"8lb 12"

"Is he asleep?"

"Can you do a burp for mummy please?"

"He's not a bad sleeper"

"That would be wonderful if you could bring my coffee over please" - I used to boycott the big chain coffee shops. They're now my second home, although if the location is up to me, I try to choose an independent!

"You look just like your dad!"

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