Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

It's the first time I've been on the receiving end and it's been wonderful to have been spoilt by my two lovely boys! Under the McBaby's guidance, MrM made me a fabulous (and very posh) breakfast in bed with mugs and mugs and mugs of tea for my poor sore throat.

Of course, I didn't forget my own mum. I phoned her and croaked at her to tell her that I had sneaked a card into her suitcase when she left us a couple of weeks ago in which there was a card, a photo of the McBaby and some cash for her to buy some flowers. We had a lovely chat except she told me something which annoyed me beyond all possible belief. She had showed her "friend" all of the pictures she'd taken while she was here - mostly of the McBaby and his cousin. Her "friend" deleted them all "by accident". When my mum nearly cried, she said: "Why don't you take some more next time". This is the same woman who asked her which grandson she preferred. Fortunately, my mum managed to find an IT expert who retrieved the pics, but her "friend's" card is marked. Grrr.

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