Monday, 19 March 2012


The McBaby and I took our first proper trip away together on the train last week. Now, we did end up taking the train from Reading when MrM's car broke down (no, we never did get it fixed), but this was a proper four-hour journey down to the coast.

On the way down, we shared our carriage with Cornish people. The McBaby, for the most part, was fantastically well behaved but spent 15 minutes crying quite loudly. While he was doing that;

A young man gave up his seat for the baby.

A young newly wed tried to put the car seat on the rack for me.

One lad (a teenager) took the nappy bag out of my hand and put it in the bin.

A lovely couple showed the McBaby their unusual and beautiful dog to take his mind off his crying.

A beautiful woman (who turned out to be only a couple of years older than me), brought her GRANDDAUGHTER to come and meet the McBaby.

A lovely woman offered to go to the buffet car to buy me a cup of tea because she said I shouldn't be upset by his crying and that she had been through it more than 30 times thanks to her 8 children, 21 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Then, the return journey amongst Newburyites:

A woman who bumped the McBaby quite hard with her suitcase in her hurry to push past us while we were waiting for a man in front of us to take his coat off.

A man and woman who kept glaring at us when the McBaby cried. This was at a fraction of the volume of the outward journey.

A man who sat opposite us and then looked horrified when he noticed that he had placed himself near a baby.

Two youths who were throwing stones at each other when we got off the train. I had to wait behind an advertising hoarding until they'd finished.

The one saving grace was a woman (who was not from Newbury) who came over and said "I just have to have a look at your daughter. She must be about the same age as my granddaughter who I'm going to see. Your lovely daughter's been making lovely happy noises all the way. Oooh, she's beautiful. What pretty eyes! What a pretty girl!".

She was so lovely and friendly, plus he was wearing red, that I just did not tell her that it was a boy and even gave him a girl's name when we got off the train. "Say goodbye Cara!"

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