Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Baby sensory

Ny son showed his impeccable timing once again. After sleeping all the way through "Bumps and Babes" this morning (the last time he was here, he was a 'bump'), we went to "baby sensory" at the library.

We sat down on the colourful mats and the lady welcomed us all, telling us to put our babies on the mat for the welcome song. May I be permitted to interrupt myself to put a link to a nursery scene from Modern Family as I couldn't stop thinking about it this morning!


After I put him down, he did a loud parp just like he did at the massage class a couple of weeks ago. He then started screaming, drowning out the sound of the music and 20 women singing. I took him behind the local history section where lots of buggies were parked and changed his nappy. As I was crouching on the floor, I heard a woman gently reprimanding her naughty child off in front of the group. Then, out of sight, she whacked her son around the head, not realising that one of the pushchairs was me in disguise.

I fed the little man and we returned to the class just in time for him to have a go with some maracas which scared him and delighted him in equal measure, before he unleashed a powerful burp that swept my hair backwards, impressing the lady next to us no end. We then sang "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" with colourful chiffon in our hands to point to each part of the body, before singing a goodbye song.

Here's hoping he'll be allowed to another class. Is there a trick to this? Do I feed him 20 minutes before we go or something? Any tips welcome!!

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