Sunday, 5 February 2012

6 week check

MrM accompanied the McBaby and I to the 6-week check. We had a double appointment with the doctor so he could ask about my health and then that of the McBaby. Except all I had to say about myself was "I'm fine" and I think I mumbled something incoherent when he asked MrM and I whether we'd considered contraception.

Before moving onto the McBaby, he asked me about my mood. I laughed and said he should ask MrM. By that, I meant that personally, I think I could not have been more charming since the birth of the baby, but I was hinting that MrM would probably give a more truthful answer.

However, he looked at MrM and said: "That's a very valid point. We don't usually ask the father about his mood, but it is really something we should do."

Thinking that I must stop joking as I was obviously confusing him, I was a lot more comprehensive for his next question which was about my MMR injection which I had somehow missed out on. I had been given it on the afternoon of the birth to ensure I was protected for any subsequent children.

"Where did you have the MMR?" he asked.

Me, trying desperately hard to be understood: "The Royal Berks in Reading."

"No, I meant where on your body - arm, leg?"

I give up. But he then weighed the little man and announced that we now have a stone's worth of baby!

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