Friday, 27 January 2012

No sleep..

I didn't get much sleep last night. And no, the little man only woke up once - it was the bigger man who snored for England. At one point, I tried to turn him onto his side and nearly propelled him off the bed, such was the force I used.

In other news, massive kudos to my mum for saying "perhaps it's not sensible to take the birthing ball"'s now for sale for a very reasonable 99p on eBay! However, she did make my heart stop this morning. MrM had left the defunct birthing pool in the van, so I removed it as I am obsessed with maximising my miles per gallon. I left it in the front garden and my mum saw it. "Can I have...."

I was imagining her swimming in it in the back garden while she finished the sentence...."the big blue bag that it came in?"

It's a very useable blue canvas bag which I thought was covered in blood, but isn't. Mum, you are a recycling fashionista, not a hoarder. More kudos your way <3

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