Friday, 20 January 2012

No going back now....

So the name we chose for the wee man is now official! He was exactly a month old yesterday (so we were just about within the allowed 42 days in which you have to register a baby - boy did that go fast) so MrM and I took him to the registry office at the lovely SHaw House to make him all legal, despite the fact that I thought we might save him half a million pounds worth of tax by letting him live under the radar...

We arrived and went upstairs - I've only been to SHaw House once before but didn't make it to the top floor where the building's history is clear to see. We were bang on time so shown straight into the registrar's office where we underwent what seemed like a gentle job interview.

The McBaby decided to chortle to himself at an apt moment during the process. The registrar asked MrM what his middle names were which made him laugh much to her amusement. And unfortunately, due to my mumbling and MrM's strange girly nickname for our son, he very nearly got called something completely different. I had spent the past few weeks joking to MrM that I might tell the registrar that the baby's father was one of the Levellers so we both checked the draft certificate particularly carefully!

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