Friday, 20 January 2012

Home birth group

All three of us made it to the extremely helpful home birth group meeting for the first time since the McBaby's arrival. IN the lead up to the birth, I'd found these sessions mostly to be very supportive and useful. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to return the favour and provide any inspiration myself. I only glossed over our birth story as the other lady's was much more successful and interesting, but it was useful for me as I felt a tiny bit better at failing at the birth as it turned out that some people there HAD used gas and air!

I also returned all the bits and bobs that came with the birth pool, but we agreed that after the pool deflated disastrously that I would just dispose of the actual pool itself. This was fortunate as I couldn't find it anywhere but I happened to find it by chance when someone collected a set of shelves from us, along with my lovely Mexican blanket and a deckchair in our van. COuld use it as a paddling pool I guess.

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