Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Health visitor

We had a visit from the health visitor today which coincided with the theft of our baby. Looks like someone broke in and took our placid little bundle of joy and replaced him with a naughty boy who won't stop feeding and crying. I strongly suspect the thief also stole our remote control as I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Unfortunately, the health visitor wanted to do a hearing test which was problematic as MrM and I had chosen today for a workman to do some renovation work in our living room. The McBaby certainly had no trouble hearing that! Coupled with the weather, this was a no go and means that she'll have to return next week to do it.

As an aside, I was somewhat mortified to see that after drinking a mug of coffee that I'd made for him, the workman declined a second and actually went out and bought a Starbucks coffee. Oh dear.

The health visitor ran through a list of questions and told me that she thought the McBaby had jaundice. Is it bad that I didn't notice? I thought it was a part of his Chinese heritage!

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