Thursday, 15 December 2011

The last GP appointment...

....which is exactly what I called my previous visit..

After a night of thinking the baby was on its way as I had backache, stomach ache, leg ache and even hand ache, I just wanted to sleep but we got up and pegged it to get to the surgery for our 8.10am appointment - 30 minutes before the GP turned up, so lucky that we hurried...

MY tummy felt very tight, so I am still convinced it's imminent. The doctor says all looks ok but did however talk about induction without once mentioning the actual word. He asked me about my previous appointment with the midwife which didn't go too well and insisted that I see her next week. She had written "neg" in my notes. I asked if this was good and the doctor looked puzzled. " 'Negative' " is always good news, isn't it?" he asked. Since then, I've made a list of about 100 items where I do not want to hear the word "negative".

He wished us well and said he hoped all would go "swimmingly" and I went to make an appointment with the midwife - next available date? The 29th!!

This is my fault as I should have done this last time I was here, but I was certain that the baby would be here by now. How in touch with my own body I am!

Anyway, I left my number and she called a few minutes later when I was at the checkout at the supermarket ensuring that I got bonus loyalty points for reusing my own bag. She said that though she couldn't see me, I could drop in to the centre at "the Newbury".

"The Newbury?"
"Where's that?"
"The garden centre"
"It's in the garden centre?"
"No, it's near the garden centre"
"Which garden centre?"
"The one in Thatcham"
"You turn left at the roundabout and it's there."
"Oh! You mean the hospital?"
"Yes. It's called the Newbury but it's in Thatcham."

Will do....

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