Friday, 9 December 2011


In its short life, my poor unborn child has been flattened by a speeding pavement cyclist, has fallen down some steps and today got electrocuted by our toaster (which is less than a year old). It let out a massive bang and sent a shock up my arm which made the poor little bean jump. I think it's fine though as s/he has been moving about ever since.

Normally when this kind of thing happens, I don't hesitate to visit to pay a visit to the fuse box. However, today, with uncustomary caution, I wanted to double check I was doing the right thing as it wasn't just me in mild peril, so I tried to call to MrM. He didn't answer, so I called someone else for their electrical expertise, not noticing that MrM tried to call me seven times during the course of the conversation. When I finally spoke to him, he was in the car on his way home, thinking (for the second time in 12 hours) that the baby was on its way.

Sorry MrM - from MrsM and the toaster xxxx

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