Monday, 26 December 2011


Mr Baby is nearly a week old and is providing us with endless amusement. He is growing before our eyes, looks more like a baby than a mole and has started smiling. He has stopped doing his random movements where he suddenly jumps and then spreads his arms out, but has started filling nappies full of a substance that looks like Maille Mustard.

Our first Christmas with a baby in the house has seen MrM and I almost constantly blubbing. We both had calls from friends who were virtually in tears telling us what a special day we were going to have; I cried when I read MrM's card to the baby and cried when I opened a present from MrM to the baby. We've also been touched by the most incredible generosity; a lovely top for the baby from some friends, a hand-knitted cardigan made by MrM's cousin, a pair of Ugg boots from my mum and lots of beautiful Santa outfits from various friends and family.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas too!

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