Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas eating

And another Christmas! McBaby had two Christmases as we were invited down to a secret location to MrM's parents' house for a Christmas meal. The secret location was in fact MARGATE but McBaby, with great comedy timing, produced the loudest parps I've ever heard every time I said the name of the place.

I was a bit nervous about spending the day with the grandparents. Lovely as they are, they have a habit of saying inappropriate things from time to time. MrsM's first question to me after the birth was not "how is the baby?" or "how are you?" but "how many stitches did you have?"

She also made me laugh by telling me that she was psychic; she always knew it was a boy and she knew when I'd gone into labour. This might be because she called, regular as clockwork, at 12.30pm on Sunday and MrM ended the conversation quite quickly without telling her why!

However, I need not have worried. We had a wonderful day with them and little man was absolutely laden with fabulous presents. He's a very lucky boy who won't have to go clothes shopping for a while!

He was an angel in the car on the way down and back and also behaved impeccably when he had his last midwife visit. She weighed him and dispelled my fear that I had not been feeding him enough. Most babies add half an ounce in weight per day. McBaby had gained 13oz in 6 days.

So it's been a great end to 2011 and we're excited about what 2012 holds for us. Happy New Year everyone!!

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