Thursday, 24 November 2011

Working bumps breastfeeding

Tonight was my third breast feeding session but there's still lots to learn!

Breastfeeding, the Mum's perspective

•The realities of breastfeeding
•How to prepare for breastfeeding your baby
•Dads and breastfeeding - you're important too!
•Practical tips for positioning
•What to wear
•Feeding in public
•What to buy
•Where to get help & support

Thank you so much for coming tonight. I hope you found it useful and helped make breastfeeding a little more real if possible.

Good luck to those of you due in the next few weeks.

We'd covered positioning in the past, but I found tonight's session practical and memorable - hopefully. Apparently youtube is a great source of useful videos and tips on putting your baby tummy-to-tummy and tilting the baby's head back with your hand cupping its head.

The cross cradle position: use a cushion to raise the baby to the nipple and hold the back of its neck.

However the best one and one for me looks like "biological nurturing" where you simply lie back and let the baby crawl to feed itself. Easy!

There's also the rugby ball hold for larger ladies (ahem - me) or if you've had a Caesarian or if the baby hurts on one side.

She also demonstrated feeding while you lie down which again looks perfect for me as it implies minimal effort.

What I was also interested in that was also covered was the UK Association of Milk Banks It seemed a bit wasteful to me to throw expressed milk down the sink, so you can actually donate it to hospitals and milk banks.

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