Thursday, 3 November 2011


Disaster! If my iron levels don't improve, then I will not be allowed to have a home birth (for fear of increased likelihood of blood loss).

So this former vegetarian is going to have to eat steak for dinner more often. I think the tea has sneaked back into my diet too, and this has been stopping my body from absorbing the iron that I've been taking religiously.

I've got a few days before my next blood test and think I might even eat the iron and ironing board to improve my chances. It's not like I use them for anything else.

In other news, the previous midwife has disappeared and been replaced. The new one is nice - although I must, must, must remember to double check that there will be some sort of pain relief as she said that pethidine wasn't really used anymore and she wasn't sure how to obtain the diamorphine. Hope she doesn't forget!

The new midwife is coming to check the house in a couple of weeks' time to verify its suitability for a homebirth. Better get cleaning.

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