Saturday, 12 November 2011

Penultimate antenatal class

I decided that the way to meet as many prospective parents as possible, it would be a good idea to attend all of the antenatal classes I could get my hands on, so even though we finished the NCT ones last week, I attended an NHS birth skills class. To get a rare return on my tax, you see.

MrM decided he couldn't take any more, so he agreed to stay at home and do some DIY. This discussion meant that I was late for the class, so turned up to where I thought it was but found a darkened room with people huddled around a table having a meeting.

It wasn't until I walked away and got called in that I realised this was the class. Are NHS cuts so bad that lights may not be switched on?

So in the dark, I took more notice about WHEN you call the hospital. I have been told this loads of times but have zoned out, thinking that this is MrM's job to remember and implement.

However, this is what I learned:

Stay at home for the latent bit. Contractions are erratic.

Then they get strong and regular and occur every three minutes lasting for a minute. This is when you call the hospital to let them know you're coming in.

Also go in if the waters break or the colour is brown or green.

Go in if the pain is unbearable.

Go in if there are fewer than 10 kicks from the baby in 10 hours.

Go in if you're bleeding or feeling unwell.

What else did I learn today?

1. Put towels and blankets in the car just in case you give birth on the way. Apparently this is very unusual.

2. Labour lasts on average 10 to 20 hours.

3. That they give you a PARKING PERMIT!! If I had known this I might not have gone for a home birth ;)

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