Thursday, 3 November 2011


That's such an awful neologism, but fits last night quite well. The NCT organised an evening where local businesses could showcase their products - they were so lovely that it's almost a relief that I have no money and couldn't buy anything.

It's amazing to see how mums have looked at what they needed to look after their babies and the businesses that have evolved as a result. It means that there are some great businesses with useful products that their founders are passionate about.

The first was Boori a company that supplies nursery furniture to national companies such as John Lewis. Their cot looked so solid, yet homely and comfortable.

There was a lady from Berkshire Nappies who brought reuseable nappies so I have booked a free two-week trial.

There were some lovely artists - Smallprint jewellery who make keepsakes of the baby's little feet in silver, and likewise, the Little Casting Company who makes casts of the baby's hands, feet and even your pregnant belly (can't imagine she has enough plaster for my enormous bump!)

There were some lovely Snuggisnoozer baby bean bags
there were so many people looking at these, that I didn't get the opportunity to ask how much they were, and one of the ladies from this stall looked for all the world like the lovely mum who gave me a baby crib, but with dark hair. She didn't appear to recognise me, so just a coincidental doppleganger I think!

There was also a fabulous company called Not Pink which is just what I'd been talking about the day before - why is everything for baby girls in garish PINK? They had some lovely products and I had to fight my shopping urges so I didn't buy everything!

Last but not least, Claire who ran our hypnobirthing course and who looks after the local home birth group displayed her range of Neal's Yard products and very kindly gave me a couple of samples because she noticed that I was the only person who didn't win anything in the raffle! It smells absolutely divine and it was very sweet of her to notice! I think I got there too early and all of my raffle tickets had ended up at the bottom of the pots!

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