Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Last scan

MrM spent most of the morning waiting for our last scan to see if the placenta has moved out of the way as our last visit showed that there was a chance that I'd have to have a Caesarean. We spent more than an hour waiting and just 5 minutes having the scan, but the good news is that it has moved!

The funny thing is that the baby is quite big (about 5 and a half pounds), so this scan revealed less of its appearance than the previous two. However, the sonographer (or stenographer as MrM called her - I had visions of her typing out everything we said while we were being scanned), remarked that the baby was scowling, but I couldn't see this for some reason.

MrM attributed the baby's scowling to a woman in the waiting room who brought in a little girl with her and then proceeded to ignore her while she called her friend, giving her a vivid description of Sunday when she "see Loretta, that f***ing b****". She continued in this vein for a good hour which was not the most pleasant thing to witness.

Talking of cringeing, MrM's dad has a knack of saying strange things to me. I have been avoiding him throughout the pregnancy, as I was worried he might make an inappropriate comment. He didn't. The first thing he said when I saw him was "How is everything down below?" That's restrained by his standards!

On the same evening, one of MrM's very drunk relatives came over to me and said: "Who the f*** are you?" which isn't the fastest way of endearing yourself to me. He then asked if he could put his hand on my belly. I was just about to give a very clear answer, when MrM wobbled over and said: "Of course!" while lifting my scarf out of the way.

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