Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Home appointment

The new midwife came round to the house today to terrify me. Did I say that? I mean she came round to the house to check that the dining room and my body are ready for the birth of the little bean.

I'd actually taken the little one to a gig last night where it seemed that it shares the same taste in music, dancing vigorously to a folky band that I love. When I got home to tell MrM, he put his hand on my belly and the baby gave such a massive kick that it took his breath away and slightly scared him! It was doing much the same this morning, much to her amusement.

So it transpired this morning that my eating meat has fortunately helped increase my iron to acceptable levels, so the home birth looks like a goer. Or is it? The midwife said she wanted to make me aware that if there aren't enough staff on duty, then into hospital I go. She also said she wasn't entirely sure whether I was going to get any pain relief -good thing I checked! I have to ask the doctor who will prescribe it and then I have to return what's left to the pharmacy as they don't seem to trust me with it! Believe me, I am only going to use it if necessary. The point was to know it's there for peace of mind.

In other news, not long to go at work. My successor has been appointed and my boss told me to book him in at our client for an induction. Not the best word to use in my earshot at the moment.....

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