Friday, 4 November 2011


So no tea for me today, and this reminder comes just as I'd bought four massive boxes of teabags (there were on a two for one offer and I thought I'd get through them in no time). I am probably even tetchier than usual as a result.

So unarmed with a fortifying cuppa, I have just opened an email from the course facilitator of this weekend's NCT breastfeeding session. I emailed to let her know in advance that I am coming on my own as MrM is away - just in case there are any partner activities (and also so she doesn't think I'm a single mum. Why this appeared to matter to me yesterday, I don't know. I blame it on the lack of tea).

She sent me a nice reply saying that I could bring someone else if I wanted. It's a very sad reflection on me that I cannot think of one suitable friend from this area who would sit with me patiently through a three-hour session on breast feeding!

Anyone free on Saturday afternoon?!

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