Thursday, 13 October 2011

Slings and roundabouts

I managed to find yet another facet of having a baby that I am absolutely clueless about - last night's trip to "Working Bumps" was a session with an improbably young mother-of-three who talked us through four different types of sling.

Armed with a very helpful baby, she demonstated the "close" wrap first. I think this is my favourite, although it looks like a two-man job to tie it up and get the baby in it. I can imagine that after struggling to get the baby in it, it will then be time to get it out again to change its nappy....

Not sure what they were trying to say here: "The design of the carrier ensures that the......."

The next was the Mei tai sling which looks quite secure; a ring sling (, which seems to put more pressure on one shoulder than the other. I already get that from my handbag, so perhaps if I put it over the other shoulder, there's a balance to be gained here.

The last one was the wrap, which was simply made of a long, strong piece of material. I worry about tying the knots tightly enough, but this could be the one for me.

The lady who demonstrated, was using a real baby, so I felt had to rush through the demos a little bit, but she was very helpful and great at answering practical questions, and also recommended waiting until the baby arrives before buying one, to ensure that the baby is happy with it as well.

She also suggested that those baby carriers that look quite robust are better for going out rather than staying in the house as they restrict your movement and make it difficult to bend over. I am thinking about getting a sling so that I can clean, cook and do all of the things that I used to do!

To stop myself from laughing while one prospective dad wrestled with a doll, I went to get a glass of water. The sight of this dad picking the "baby" up by the neck, and dislocating its leg to get it into the sling made me laugh so much (probably because it hit so close to home and that's what I'll end up doing with the real thing), was just so funny that I thought I'd move away rather than appear to be rude.

The lid of the water said "please ensure you lift the lid before pouring" which I read but ignored for some reason. The upshot was water EVERYWHERE, ensuring that all eyes were on me, not the wrestler Big Daddy, with one person asking me if my waters had broken....

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