Saturday, 8 October 2011

The one where I interrupt a relaxation session

More hypnobirthing today and I was quite pleased that some of the others questioned whether it was working and whether we were doing it "right".

Even the teacher felt that way when she first started it, but watching more birth videos and seeing a woman breathe out her baby and immediately say she "enjoyed it and would do it again" was reassuring.

We did another deep relaxation, and I could feel my fingers tingling, the sensation of the teacher's words drifting away and then "RING!" - much to my mortification, my phone rang!!

I could have sworn I'd turned it off! I ran out of the room to turn it off and came back in almost in tears at my stupidity. However, the teacher was keen to let it go and kept talking. What a fool I am.

I did feel a bit better at the end of the session when two of the dads put their chairs back fully reclined and were snoring in sync which made the mums laugh!

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