Monday, 3 October 2011

MrM comes to Hypnobirthing

It was my third class and the first one that MrM could attend. It's amazing how much better and more supported I felt with him there, and he blended right in, getting on well with the other dads and doing a fabulous job when it came to one bit of the class where our partners read from a piece of paper so the mums could do the relaxation technique.

The dads were also invited to practise "Light touch massage" and the two techniques combined nearly sent me off to sleep, so relaxed was I!

After watching a lovely gentle birth, where the couple was so completely relaxed that the baby was born with what appeared to be a smile on its face, we realised the importance of creating a mix tape in anticipation of the birth. This particular couple in th video favoured Elton John which had MrM singing "Tiny Dancer" all the way home!!

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