Monday, 17 October 2011

Last hypnobirthing class

So we should be set! Five classes have flown by and we've come to the end of the course. The final class was a good one with a birth rehearsal that made us all feel a bit more relaxed and ready. Having said that, we watched a video of a hypnobirthing class and I made a comment about how noisy the woman was and how I'd like to achieve a state of higher relaxation and I got told off by MrM when I got home!

Apart from that, we've been left to continue practising our breathing and visualisation techniques, before speaking to two couples who came in with their babies having completed the course recently. One couple coped very well, despite having some horrendous news the day before the birth, and while the other couple's experience wasn't perfect, it was interesting to note that the course had empowered them and prevented them from going down a highly medicalised route. The moral of the story here was to speak up if you're not happy with the hospital's decision, as they will take notice and try to accomodate your wishes.

The two babies were incredibly cute, so another plus is that if the birth isn't too pleasant, it will be well worth it in the end....

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