Monday, 10 October 2011

Labour pain

I've got a long list of affirmations that I must type out and stick around the house when I've got a mo, but in the meantime, I thought I would note down some of the observations about labour pain that I've just been reading:

1. It WILL stop when the baby arrives!

2. It's "productive pain"

3. There are pain free bits

4. Your body is producing endorphins to manage the pain

5. Drugs ARE an option - there are no prizes for not taking them if you need them!!

The other list that caught my eye in this book was the list of natural feelings after the birth. Women are usually:

1. Thrilled that it's over.

2. Worried about the baby

3. Surprised at the look, feel and funny smell of the baby.

4. AStonished that a real baby came out.

5. Relieved that they haven't split in two

6. Worried about their partner

7. Immediately ready to call relatives!

8. Now ready to panic about what to do next!


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