Monday, 17 October 2011

Football and yoga

The baby seems to enjoy sticking its foot up behind my ribs which is, needless to say, fairly uncomfortable. MrM didn't appreciate quite how painful until I explained that it felt like a rolling pin sticking out lengthways. However, I went to another yoga session which seemed to help...for a while.

The teacher is on her third pregnancy which is a good sign and I really enjoyed a birth story that she read out from someone who advocated dancing throughout the labour. For some reason, I pictured her doing the "mashed potato" around the house, but I think it's the slow dance that you can do with your husband, and general movement that helps.

The yoga really seems to be helping with learning how to control the breathing which I hope in turn will prove invaluable for the labour. I do seem to sleep better after a yoga session and have been enjoying the wonderful "Yoga in pregnancy" book that my sister bought for me.

It also seems to be helping with the pelvic pain that has got progressively worse this week. Think it's a sign to slow down!

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