Monday, 31 October 2011

First NCT class

After a night of people constantly asking us why we weren't finding out if we were having a girl or a boy it was a relief to be among couples in the same boat.

"Don't you know? Why don't you know? Aren't you going to find out? We want to buy you a hat and don't know whether to get blue or pink???" etc etc ad nauseum. ARRGH! Don't buy us a hat - just let us have our surprise!!!

Anyway, we were in good company the following day when we attended our first NCT class. Half of the people in our class don't know what they're having either.

It was a useful session with lots of quite detailed information about what to expect - in as far as you can expect anything as everyone is different!

It was quite good fun too, with each man in the group being asked to wear a rucksack on their front to get an idea of how heavy it is to carry a baby around in your womb all day!

The first thing we were asked to do was to get into order of birth date. I initially disputed this because I said that the date was irrelevant and that I'd only been telling people the month. Ironically, I think this might have been the point that was being made. Only 3% of babies arrive on their due date and I am basically ignoring it, despite people wanting to know the exact day (and time?) - it will come when it comes!

We also learned that a very quick labour is not the brilliant experience we are all wishing for and we were asked to make a list of things that will help bring on labour.

pineapple (apparently you need to eat 3-6 of these though and they must be fresh!)
hot bath
Raspberry leaf tea (me)
walking (me)
Lavender/clary sage (me)

Pressure points
Full moon(me)

and two which might aggravate your stomach and therefore clear the way:

Spicy food including curry and ghee
Castor oil

Others include walking up stairs sideways and going out on a bike on cobbles. The mind boggles.

One man pointed out that curry, beer and sex was his ideal night out and how they got the baby in the first place!

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