Thursday, 20 October 2011


I've been asked to hand my company car back while I'm on maternity leave. This is a bit of a pain as my car is brilliantly safe and has all the requisite ISOFIX safety points. I'll now be driving an ageing camper van which has no seatbelts in the back and I fear was manufactured before ISOFIX was invented! Am looking forward to exploring this later today - but have a funny feeling that a baby seat and the front seat of the van will not be compatible.

This is not the end of the world however, as I think life without a car will be strangely liberating - not to say cheaper! I did cope happily living in Hong Kong, Toronto and Tokyo without transport, although the town where we live does not really have transport infrastructure to compare! I still feel terrible dumping my mum at the bus station here to get a bus to Oxford (which is about 20 miles away). Hours later when I went to pick her up, she revealed that there was no such thing as a bus to Oxford from here and that she'd spent the day in our local shopping centre!!

How have you coped with walking and public transport with a young baby? Any tips would be welcome!!

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