Monday, 24 October 2011

Another doctor's appointment

All seems to be progressing well with the little one; we're now at 33 weeks and correspondingly, the baby measures 33cm. Its head is 1/5th engaged and the heartbeat sounds strong.

It always amuses me that when I proffer up my obese stomach for MrM to feel a kick, he touches so gently and complains that I'm hurting the baby when I urge him to press down properly to get a feel of the wriggles and movements that are constantly going on in there. The doctor, on the other hand, has a good rummage around my stomach, pressing down firmly, as if weighing up which piece of steak to go for.

WHile he was very jovial and jokey this morning, our appointments do feel like very awkward first dates - especially as he stares a lot and has a tendency to ask me the same questions repeatedly.

"How are your ankles?"

"And your ankles are ok?"

"No swelling in the ankles then?"

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