Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What's the sieve for?

I have booked a doula to mop my brow during the birth and last night she came around for dinner to meet MrM for the first time. I wanted to ensure they did not get along at all so that they'd argue during the birth and it would take my mind off what I'm supposed to be doing.

Gah - they got on really well.

MrM and I fired lots of questions at her, and I went through my list of things to pack. I am not planning to go to hospital, and if I have a bag ready to go, to my mind, this will ensure that it's not needed! She also outlined some things that we'd need to have about the house; ice cubes, buckets, arnica cream, maternity pads...yes, yes, yes, thousands, thanks to my sister who stocked me up last week!

Then she asked me if we had a sieve.

Oh no, we don't use them, we've got tea bags I said, thinking she was talking about a tea strainer.

She laughed and explained what is was for, making my face fall.

"It's not a big deal" she said.

But it IS! I remember having to write a story for the local paper about a little boy who did a poo at the swimming pool, necessitating an evacuation (of the pool, I mean!) and the closure of the pool for cleaning. So it is something I would like to avoid.

No sieves please, we're British.

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