Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Look at this advert:

How easy does it look to change a nappy? There's no disposal of the soiled one, no crying, no wriggling, no need to take the nappy off and put it back again and no wrestling with poppers to get at it in the first place.

I make it sound awful, but I offered to change my nephew's nappy this morning. I was blessed as it was wet but not dirty, and he kept smiling for my three attempts.

The first time I put it on the wrong way round. The second time, the nappy fell down when I stood him up and the third time was perfect! Or so I thought. Fortunately, before a code brown situation, my sister noticed that lil nephew's buttocks were on display and that I had given him a wedgie.

I look forward to telling MrM that I obviously won't be changing any nappies when our little one arrives as I have no natural aptitude for it!

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