Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Thank you sis!

It's Christmas here at the McBaby household! I could not feel more prepared for the little one after a visit from my sister and her lovely little boy. She's been actively sourcing great things for me that were preloved by the nephew, his cousins and friends with babies of the same age. My living room now boasts a chair, a car seat, a pushchair, lots of clothes, a breast pump (at least that's what I think it is; it could equally be for sticking Garfield toys in the rear window of the car?).

Not only did she provide it, she also delivered it to the house! This is fantastic - this stuff would cost thousands, but here it is all free and in great condition. And as well as obtaining free bits and bobs, she drove me to Mothercare where she stocked me up on more goodies, such as pads, toys and nappies (meanwhile, under our dad's guardianship, the nephew stocked up on bruises! Two in an hour on his little forehead while he was exploring various displays!). SHe also talked me through things that would be useful, explained that some things aren't necessary and suggested makes and brands that she got on well with.

This is so useful. It can be utterly mind boggling to stand in a baby shop, not knowing where to start! My sister was a million times more helpful than the staff in the shop and has a second career awaiting in personal shopping services for first time mums!

I am ready now. All I need is a baby!

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