Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Streak and Peter Rabbit

I was away with work last week and picked up some children's books - ostensibly for the baby, but really for me.

One of these was Peter Rabbit which MrM then proceeded to read to the bump with great creativity. I enjoyed it. I think the baby did too, although if it really had been listening as intently as its mum, it would jumped more overtly at the appearance of Mr MacGregor wielding a rake and shouting "Stop thief!"

Having said that, Beatrix Potter's masterpiece went down better than an excerpt from "Principles of Financial Management" the week before, and the reading is something I want to encourage. I am an absolute book fiend and MrM would be if he had more time on his hands. We would like the baby to go in the same direction, but perhaps avoiding the route marked "geek" which was where I went.

I then happened to spot this article in the Guardian Family section about a girl whose father read to her every night until she went to University. It didn't seem to do her any harm....

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