Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Spiritual Midwifery

MrM has caught me crying almost each time that I've picked up this book - some crying was good, some bad!

I can't remember who recommended this book, but it's a collection of birth stories that took place in the 1970s. Ina May Gaskin is a famous midwife who lives in the Mid West, and oversaw more than 2000 births in the early 1970s.

I've noticed that most of the stories I've heard have been bad, focussing on the pain, so I wanted to read a wide selection where there were at least some that went well! In this book, most went much better than you'd ever imagine, but of course there are some terribly sad stories. There is a tad too much psychedelia, but the overwhelming message is that if you can relax in loving surroundings with your partner there to talk you through it, it's bearable. There's absolutely no doubt whatsoever that all of the pain is worth it once you see your little one!

It has been one of my favourite books about birth. It's very inspirational and gives some great advice that I'd not thought of before such as being positive about changing nappies, so the baby doesn't think it's him/her that disgusts you (anything you get on your hand will wash off, she reminds you) and doesn't grow up to be ashamed of its bodily functions.

It also (and I was guilty of this about two weeks ago), says don't distract a baby who is feeding. I couldn't stop stroking my nephew's foot when he was having his food - it's so soft! However, this is like someone tapping you on the shoulder repeatedly when you're having your dinner!

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