Saturday, 17 September 2011

Save the Children blogging conference

Thanks to the fabulous blogger I happen to be at a conference organised by Save the Children to promote blogging and their "No Child Born to Die" campaign.

I have realised that I have been completely self indulgent over the last few months. I nodded sagely when I heard on the radio that there is a shortage of 4,700 midwives in the UK. Try multiplying that by a factor of 10 in the world's poorest countries. We've been hearing stories today on women in Africa who have to walk for four hours to get to their nearest hospital when their child is sick. Or they can take the bus to get immunisations - the cost of the bus being a week's wages. When they get there, they have to camp in the hospital grounds while the child gets treatment.

Food for thought. I am not going to complain again about any midwifery services I receive....

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