Monday, 19 September 2011

The role of the dad

MrM is away for a couple of weeks and I've sorely missed him. Not only is he lovely company, but he's been great with ensuring my bump is moisturised, and that he talks to the baby, either reading to it, singing to it, or telling the baby how loved it is (and will be).

So it made me laugh to read a list in a great, practical book, called "Blooming birth". (I initially thought it said "Blooming birth", in the style of "Merry Blooming Christmas" but I now realise it's blooming as in flowers...

It's an extremely practical book - it pulls no punches in telling you that labour is blooming hard work and will hurt. It also contains advice that I hadn't heard before, such as how you'll need to take your contact lenses out when in labout, and advice on going to the toilet after the birth. Pretty gruesome, but better to know now than be unpleasantly surprised later on.

anyway, here's their list for the father when labour begins:

1. Be sure to do practical things such as driving your partner (gently) to the hospital.

2. Pack the camera and take pictures.

3. Mop your partner's brow.

4. Don't chat through contractions.

5. Don't forget to eat and then faint

6. Don't boss her around.

7. DOn't watch the baby coming out so intently that you forget about your partner.

8.Encourage her to adopt positions that are gravity friendly

9. Guard her space and ensure she gets what she wants, such as peace and quiet.

10. Ask questions if she's not able to, but don't get caught up in facts and figures.

11. Encourage her, especially through interventions.

12. Most importantly; be there and tell her you love her.

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