Monday, 12 September 2011

Parenting by Modern Family

I remember a friend of mine being surprised that I knew what a Braxton-Hicks contraction was when she was telling me about her recent experience. I just nodded sagely and didn't tell her that my knowledge of these came from Friends! Thanks Rachel!

Now I have my own little one coming, I've now noticed just how much of my knowledge comes from watching TV! Take Modern Family for example, one of my favourite US comedies, and its parenting tips:


Be down with the kids. As Phil calls it: "Peerenting".


That MrM and I need to paint a mural in the nursery so the baby knows that we're always watching over it.


If you want a girl and get a boy, best not to put make up on him...

4. No need to be dramatic when the family meets the baby for the first time...

5. ....Or when you accidentally lock the baby in the car:

6. "you just stare down at them; let the eyes do the work"

7. Encourage your children to follow in the same career footsteps as you:

8. Don't take children to a horror movie...

9. You can shoot your children to punish them...

10. Most importantly...99% is just showing up....

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