Friday, 16 September 2011

Home birth story

MrM and I trotted off into town for the monthly meeting of local people who are interested in home births. We thought there would be lots of people, but it was just us and a couple with a newborn. They'd kindly come back to share their experiences of how it all went and this is the kind of story I need to hear more often!

The little one had a very unusual name and it's one that I had suggested to MrM only to get his usual disdainful response! I still really like it though and it really suited this lovely little chap. The couple seemed pleased with my endorsement too!

It was the husband's first child and the wife's second. It appeared that she'd not had the best experience first time round, but boy did she make up for it this time. Labour lasted three hours and sounded painless with the midwife being supportive although she arrived just minutes before the baby made his appearance. It sounded so peaceful and idyllic and it was clear that the baby was calm and happy thanks to his wonderful entrance.

As well as describing this, they had practical advice for MrM on filling up the pool, calling the hospital and registering the birth.

Well worth attending; only a shame that more people didn't hear the story.

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