Thursday, 15 September 2011

Head down.

Just had a very positive meeting with our midwife. MrM as ever, accompanied me, after calling his office to tell them that he would be a bit late because he had a midwife appointment, which caused one or two raised eyebrows in his office.

Blood pressure is ok, baby's heartbeat is strong, the baby measures exactly what it should - despite the midwife noticing a massive change in the size of my bump! I told the midwife about a little mishap that I had last week and reassured me with a little giggle that you can't snap the baby's spine by bending over too fast - sounds ridiculous but I'd been lying awake worrying about it. I do my best worrying at night.

She was extremely receptive to our home birth and very positive about our hypnobirthing, saying that the last two she did were lovely. She did ask me if we had CDs and said that they start to drive you mad if you keep replaying them; something which had occured to me when I put mine on repeat to get me to sleep the other night!

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