Thursday, 1 September 2011

The correct order...

Perhaps it would be helpful to list the things that happen when a baby is born; obviously some things are different for different people!

1. Baby is born! (Easy!)
2. Cord clamped and cut
3. Placenta is delivered
4. The baby is given an AGPAR score out of 10. I really want to pass this one with a good mark!

5. Vitamin K for the baby
6. Baby weighed
7. baby given a name tag
8. Stitches - (can't even think about this)
9. Baby and mother taken to post natal ward.
10. 1st feed (within first hour)
11. 1st bath/shower for the mother
12. go home!
13. take baby for a walk
14. 1st poo (the mother's!)
15. Milke comes in (day 3)
16. Baby blues - the mother is liable to get weepy and emotional (I do that anyway - I did it watching this video

17. Sore nipples
18. The midwife signs you off (on day 2-5) and you are visited by a health visitor instead
19.Cord stump falls off.
20.You can sit down without it hurting.
21. Baby's hearing test
22. Birth registration before 42 days - or go to prison. (Might try this for a laugh!)
23. Blood loss stops.
24. 6-weeks baby smiles
25. 2 months - baby sleeps through the night (I'll have achieved this long before!)
26. baby can go swimming
27. Baby can go to creche at 3 months old.

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