Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A teddy bear and a pillow...

I've just spent an hour on the phone booking some appointments for ante-natal classes. I was on hold for ages before a surly woman shouted "APPOINTMENTS" at me and asked for all my vital info (no apology for keeping me on hold for nearly an hour). Despite being told to book for week 28, the woman on the phone insisted that it was week 32, so it's not until October, but I've booked in for "preparing for birth" and "infant feeding" although she seemed to be reluctant to let me have two different classes with these covering; "breathing, different birth positions, choices available to you on the NHS (HA!), coping when birth doesn't go to plan, how to look after your body and feeding the baby."

I had to keep reminding her that I don't do this every day of the week, as she seemed to think I had the answers to all of her questions and that I would know without being told where the classes take place. I didn't even know where I was having the baby and assumed I would discuss this later with the midwife. "Nobody has discussed this with me yet," I told her. "Your midwife will have told you", she insisted. "She hasn't told me ANYTHING!" I kept saying.

Apparently I am having the baby at Reading, although MrM will not be happy and nobody had told us this (therefore there's every chance I would have turned up at the wrong place). I actually wanted to have it at home to save driving through the snow in the winter and to save on parking costs!

For the two workshops, respectively, I need a teddy bear and a pillow....Easy!

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